Graphing Calculator Pro 3.0 is out!

Added 3D graphing:

  • cartesian
  • cylindrical
  • spherical
  • parametric
  • implicit

Fixed minor bugs.

Graphing Calculator Pro 2.1 is released!


  • copy/save/email screenshot
  • logarithmic axes
  • white background option
  • bold lines option
  • move while scaling option
  • swipe to delete single calculation history
  • toFraction() and toMixedNumber()
  • scientific notation mode


  • removed graphs numeration


  • graphs deleting on iPad
  • (x)^(1/3) for negative x
  • minor bugs

Now only iOS 5.0+ is supported

Graphing Calculator Pro 2.0

After more than one year of development we’re proud to announce first major update for Graphing Calculator Pro app. New version includes, amongst other:

  • iPad, iPhone 5 support
  • new user interface
  • calculator now supports complex numbers
  • a lot of new functions
  • constants
  • implicit functions support, inequality drawing, trigonometric axes
  • grapher now can show minimas, maximas, zeros and intersections both in trace and navigation modes
  • 2x faster new math expressions parser
  • copy/email calculations
  • minor bug fixes

Our another app, Calculator Pro, also got update to reflect latest available features

We apologize for inconvenience, but we are no longer able to support version of iOS earlier than 4.3

Calculator Pro – Scientific

We’re pleased to announce release of new app:

“Calculator Pro – Scientific” – powerful scientific calculator with polynomial and linear system solver.

Main features include:

  • Scientific calculator – do advanced calculations in few taps
  • Polynomial solver – get exact roots for up to 4th degree polynomials
  • Linear system solver – get exact roots for 2-by-2 and 3-by-3 linear systems

Feel free to contact us by e-mail for any question.

Available on the AppStore

Graphing Calculator Pro v1.1

We are pleased to announce first update of Graphing Calculator Pro™. This update provides new features, along with corrections for existing features and user interface. New features/corrections include:

  • Math solver – finds roots of linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomials, 2-by-2 and 3-by-3 linear systems;
  • Proportional scaling may be enabled in settings;
  • Angle and sound settings are now preserved between app runs;
  • New functions to produce angle minutes, seconds and grads – ’ , ’’ , {grad} respectively;
  • New button x-1;
  • New generalized logarithm function logn( n , x ) – evaluates n-based logarithm of x;
  • New trigonometric functions: sec (secans), csc (cosecans), asec (inverse secans), acsc (inverce cosecans);


Quartic polynomial solver 3-by-3 linear system solver

We’re opened!

Check out site, new apps will follow.