January, 2011:

Graphing Calculator Pro v1.1

We are pleased to announce first update of Graphing Calculator Pro™. This update provides new features, along with corrections for existing features and user interface. New features/corrections include:

  • Math solver – finds roots of linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomials, 2-by-2 and 3-by-3 linear systems;
  • Proportional scaling may be enabled in settings;
  • Angle and sound settings are now preserved between app runs;
  • New functions to produce angle minutes, seconds and grads – ’ , ’’ , {grad} respectively;
  • New button x-1;
  • New generalized logarithm function logn( n , x ) – evaluates n-based logarithm of x;
  • New trigonometric functions: sec (secans), csc (cosecans), asec (inverse secans), acsc (inverce cosecans);


Quartic polynomial solver 3-by-3 linear system solver